Are Moisture-Wicking Clothes Safe?

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Every time you turn on the TV, there’s another commercial for some new type of workout clothing. These clothes are designed to help you stay cool and dry while you work up a sweat. But are they safe? Here’s what you need to know about moisture-wicking clothes and your health.

Wearing clothing with wicking capabilities can be a great way to help your body stay cool and refreshed during sweaty workouts. Still, some studies have found that these materials may also affect our long-term health without us knowing about them.

Moisture-wicking clothes are the best preference when it comes to workout garments. I mean, these clothes ensure one is comfortable when working out by keeping the body free from sweat while preventing too much heat build-up, which tends to occur due to vigorous working out.

Well, in simple terms, moisture-wicking clothes are made with materials that can absorb sweat from the skin and take less time to dry so that you can stay cool and dry for a long.

How Do Moisture-Wicking Clothes Work?

It is straightforward! These clothes are made with synthetic materials that do not cling to the body. Therefore, the materials absorb sweat or any moisture from the skin. That is why even when you pour water on yourself while wearing these clothes, you will still be comfortable wearing the clothing until the water dries since the wetness is not clinging to your skin.

What Are The Benefits of Moisture-Wicking Clothes?

Keeps One Cool

This is one of the most apparent benefits of these types of clothes. No one wants to feel heat or sweat dripping down their body when working out or walking under the sun. The moisture-wicking clothes can absorb sweat, ensuring keeping the body cool, especially during workouts or in sunny seasons.

Allow Breathability

Not only are these clothes made to keep you dry, but they are also quite breathable. The moisture-wicking clothes have materials that allow the free flow of air so your body can still get a cool breeze to keep you dry and cool.

Are Easy To Maintain

Cleaning such clothes is easy since the majority are compatible with machine washers. Also, these types of materials can be cleaned using detergents and water. However, avoid using fabric softeners when washing these clothes to retain the fabric for a long.

They Are Versatile

Not only are the moisture-wicking clothes suitable for workouts and daywear, but most people find them helpful, mainly those who tend to sweat a lot at night. Remember, these clothes are meant to absorb sweat from your body to keep you dry and cool. So, they can hugely improve one sleeping pattern if you get disrupted by sweating at night.

They Are Hygienic

Bacteria and germs thrive in the dirt. So, when you sweat and do not dry up fast, this will create a perfect harboring home for bacteria to develop. But with absorption clothes, they tend to dry up quickly, reducing the chances of germs and bacteria growing. However, clean the clothes well after every wear to improve hygiene.

They Are Comfortable

Athletes or people who love to work out can carry on with their activities while wearing moisture-wicking clothes since their bodies are cool and dry, and the clothes do not cling to the body that much.

Disadvantages of Air-Wicking Clothes

The Majority Have Harsh Chemicals

This is something people allergic to harsh chemicals need to be keen about. The moisture-wicking clothes (well, some) are made with harsh chemicals that can harm the skin by causing an allergic reaction. So, it is always good to read the label about the ingredients used to make the wear when shopping to avoid buying clothes with such chemicals.

Shows Sweat And Stain

Remember, these clothes are meant to wick the sweat or moisture away from your skin; thus, they show sweat or any moisture, making one look quite unattractive.

Not All Materials Are Natural

Most of these clothes are made with chemicals essential for improving the absorption effect. So, the majority of them are not natural.

May Retain Lousy Odor

Imagine working out for two hours, and sweat accumulates on your workout shirt that you will not wash immediately when you get home. Well, the sweat gets stuck and probably dries on the shirt such that if you don’t clean it well, it will cause some unpleasant smell. Some shirts may even discolor around the underarms due to constant sweating or lack of good cleaning.

All this leads us to our primary question:

Are Moisture-Wicking Clothes Safe?

The answer to this depends on the person wearing the clothes and the materials it is made of. As mentioned earlier, most moisture-wicking garments are made with harsh chemicals to ensure they absorb moisture. So, since rubbing and friction will still occur between your body’s skin and the clothes, this may result in skin allergies due to the rubbed-in chemicals.

It is more harmful to people allergic to harsh chemicals as some companies use a lot of chemicals to facilitate the wicking process on these clothes. To be safe, be sure of the brand you are buying from and ensure to buy clothes made with natural wicking materials like wool.

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