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Moisture-Wicking Polo Shirts: Why They’re a Must-Have for the Golf Course and Beyond!

If you play golf, chances are you’ve heard of moisture-wicking fabrics.

But what exactly does this term mean?

And why is it so essential to have on your next round?

Read more about these questions and how they can benefit your game below.

What Is Moisture Wicking Fabric?

The word “wicking” comes from the words “wick” (the verb form of the verb “to wick”) and “fabric.” A fabric with high wicking capability allows water that penetrates the material to be immediately transferred out of the garment where it can’t cause harm or affect performance.

This benefits players who wear long-sleeve shirts because there will be less moisture trapped inside their clothing if they sweat.

There are many types of fabrics used in the construction of sports bras. The more stretchable material is, the better its ability to wick moisture away from the skin. Two high-stretch fabrics do not require stabilizers to maintain their shape: Lycra and Polyester.

Lycra will hold its shape without being stabilized but is not recommended for this product due to its inherent tendency to retain heat. On the other hand, polyester retains its shape whether or not it’s been stabilized. It also does not have an intrinsic heat retention property.

Your shirt is probably one of the most worn clothing in your closet. It is essential to every uniform, from work or school to casual hangouts with friends. The fabric also provides comfort by keeping us warm during the winter and protecting our skin from UV rays during summertime activities like swimming or playing sports.

But did you know that many different materials are used in making uniforms and other garments? One material called “manmade fibers” was developed in 1892 by Charles Goodyear, who invented a rubber vulcanization process (RV).

This is because artificial, manufactured fibers are made through chemical processes rather than natural ones, which take longer and cost less than their counterparts. Synthetic fibers include nylon, polyester, spandex, rayon, acrylics, and blends. Another class of woven fabrics, called “natural fibers,” was derived from plants such as cotton, wool, silk, and hemp.

Natural fibers are durable but lower quality and more expensive than synthetic ones. The main difference between these two textile classes lies in their raw materials’ origins. While artificial and natural fibers share similar characteristics, only one has been mentioned above. Therefore, the purpose of saying them here is solely for comparison purposes.

Nowadays, people often wear clothes made out of synthetic fibers due to their affordability and availability. Looking around any retail store today, you’ll find plenty of options ranging from cheap T-shirts to designer coats.

However, even though synthetic artificial fiber tends to perform better against harsh weather conditions, some may still prefer wearing garments made of either natural or synthetic fibers based on personal preference and style.

For example, professional golfers wear moisture-wicking polo shirts since they need protection from the sun without sacrificing fashion. What makes these particular products stand apart from regular polos is their ability to keep water away from the body and allow perspiration to evaporate quickly instead of absorbing it, irritating sensitive areas like eyes and nostrils.

These tops typically consist of high-density microfibers that absorb sweat and prevent it from running down the backside. As a result, players will experience fewer distractions during games and training sessions.

Below are several examples of the best moisture-wicking polo shirts currently available. Feel free to check them out before deciding where to purchase yours.

Let’s start with men’s styles.

Men’s Best Polos

  • Under Armor Tactical Shirt ($50)
  • Nike Pro Combat Short Sleeve Performance Tee ($44)
  • Oakley Merino Wool Long Sleeve Base Layer ($85)
  • Under Armour High Compression 100% Cotton Crew Sport Blazer ($98)

Women’s Best Polos

  • Linda Jean Active Lifestyle V-Neck Sweater ($28)
  • Hanes Comfort Plus Control Premium Boxer Brief Set ($8/pair)
  • Champion Soft Shell Jacket ($30)
  • Adidas Favella Running Shoes ($75)

Moisture Wicking Polo Shirts Women’s

Shop at Amazon or eBay for great deals on top-quality moisture-wicking polos. You never really know whether you’ll receive good customer service until after you make purchases, but with over 800 reviews posted on Amazon alone, customers seem satisfied with their purchases.

Other reputable sites that offer top-notch merchandise are Sears, JCPenney, and Walmart. All three sell affordable yet high-quality apparel along with exceptional services. Below are several popular brands found on the websites mentioned above.

  • Uniqlite Drylock X-Back Long Sleeve Top ($35)
  • Columbia Men’s Microweight Uniqlo Thermal Hooded Zip Pullover ($13)
  • Levi’s Men’s 5 Pocket Slim Fit Board Slacks ($36)
  • Calvin Klein CK One Black Label Stripe Bandeau Tank Dress ($38)
  • Macy’s Men’s Uniqlote Stretch Knit Beanie ($20)
  • Old Navy Men’s Micro Weight Thermal Regular Cut Collar ($21)
  • Gap Men’s Classic Cuffed Flat Front Pant ($26)

Best Moisture-Wicking Polo Shirts

Certain factors must be considered when buying polos to ensure they meet your performance standards. First, remember that all fabrics age differently depending on usage and environment. Some materials become fragile with time, while others last much longer.

If possible, always test new items once received to see if they fit correctly. Also, read product descriptions carefully, including measurements, care instructions, and warranty information. Lastly, stay aware of sales and promotions offered by retailers to save extra dollars.

Moisture Wicking Golf Shirts

Golf enthusiasts swear by moisture-wicking golf shirts for apparent reasons. They provide optimum breathability, allowing excess heat generated inside the body to dissipate efficiently and protect the player from the scorching sunlight beating down upon him.

Unlike ordinary polos, golf shirts are designed to withstand rain showers and heavy winds without becoming soaked or wet. When choosing golf shirts, opt for those manufactured by well-known companies, such as Nike, Adidas, etc., that produce superior designs and materials. Next, let’s take a closer look at the latest golf gear innovations.

  • Adidas Pure Dri-FIT Lightweight Garment ($23)
  • Nike+ Nano Cool Flex Technology Mesh Backpack ($45)
  • Nike + Tech Channels ($25)
  • Nike + GPS Watch ($125)
  • Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 Elite Basketball Shoes ($90)

Under Armour Moisture Wicking Polo Shirts

As stated earlier, moisture-wicking fabrics help regulate temperature by preventing excessive sweating. This feature allows athletes to maintain proper hydration levels and concentrate fully on their sport without getting distracted by discomfort caused by hot temperatures.

Since 2003, Under Armour has revolutionized athletic attire by developing innovative technologies incorporated into various apparel lines. Their newest addition to the inventory is the UA Tech Series line consisting of lightweight technical t-shirts and pullovers featuring moisture management technology built right into the fabric. Check out the following examples of their offerings.

  • UA Tech Racket Sports Bra ($29)
  • UA Tech T-Shirt ($19)
  • UA Tech Full-Length Socks ($9)
  • UA Tech Half Neck Scoop Jersey ($40)
  • UA Tech Racerback Athletic Long-Sleeved Top ($24)


It’s no secret that athletics requires specialized equipment and attire designed to enhance performance. Nowadays, it seems impossible to go anywhere without catching sight of someone sporting brand name logos across his chest.

Whether you use them for business or pleasure, these products are reliable accessories that contribute significantly to overall success. Hopefully, this article provided enough valuable tips and tricks to aid your shopping experiences.

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