What Is a Moisture-Wicking Shirt?

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Athletes have many things to consider when competing – their skills, the competition, and their performance. However, one of the most important equipment they need to consider is their clothing. Athletic clothes need to be able to wick away sweat so that the athlete can stay cool and focused during competition. But what is a moisture-wicking shirt? And how does it work? Read on to find out!

Wicking fabrics allow you to be more comfortable and healthier by drawing moisture from your skin, keeping bacteria at bay. The best shirts wick away sweat so that it doesn’t accumulate on our bodies as quickly, which can lead to uncomfortable smells and pile up with harmful grime!

A moisture-wicking shirt is any shirt that uses fabrics to transfer sweat away from the body. Perspiration is the liquid released through the sweat glands in your skin when you are hot or active. Moisture-wicking shirts remove sweat quickly, so it does not stay against the skin long enough to be absorbed, keeping the skin dry and helping you feel cooler.

What Is a Moisture Wicking Shirt

Today’s moisture-wicking shirts are made from various fabrics, including cotton, polyester, nylon, spandex, and blends. The moisture-wicking material will decrease the time it takes for you to become dry. It also reduces the chances of developing a rash or skin irritation due to sweaty, abrasive clothing.

Most moisture-wicking shirts are made with unique fabrics to absorb sweat quickly and whisk it away from your body. Your sweat is funneled away from your body due to the natural quality of these fabrics. The moisture-wicking shirt keeps your skin dry, so you feel cooler when you wear it.

Cotton, polyester, nylon, and spandex are the most common materials used to make moisture-wicking shirts. These fabrics are popular because they absorb sweat quickly and remove it from the body. Suppose you are looking for a moisture-wicking shirt while playing sports or engaging in other activities that cause you to sweat profusely. In that case, you can find these shirts in many local department stores, sporting goods retail outlets, and online retailers.

Features of a Moisture Wicking Shirt

The most notable features of a wicking shirt include the following:

Quick-Drying – Moisture-wicking shirts dry quickly, so they can be taken off and hung up before they get cold and clammy. They also dry thoroughly after washing, so you do not have to worry about mildew or musty odors.

Breathable – These fabrics are designed for comfort during strenuous activities.

Multi-functional – Unlike a regular shirt, wicking shirts can be worn for anything from gardening and hiking to simply lounging around the house on a lazy Sunday morning.

Benefits of Wearing Moisture Wicking Shirts

The significant benefits of moisture-wicking shirts include the following:

Athletic Performance

Wear a moisture-wicking shirt to help you perform your best. It is made from unique, quick-drying fabrics that keep you cool and comfortable during strenuous activity.


Moisture-wicking shirts can be worn as an undergarment or on their own for various activities, including exercising and playing sports.

Odor Control

Moisture-wicking shirts actively remove sweat and bacteria from the skin, making you feel fresh and clean all day. It can be worn as an undergarment or on its own for various activities, such as exercising and playing sports. It also actively removes odors and bacteria from the skin.

What Type of Clothes Can It Be Worn With?

Moisture-wicking shirts can be worn with any clothes or undergarments for extra warmth. They also come in many colors and styles, including polo shirts and golf shirts, so that you can match them to any outfit.

What To Look For When Choosing a Wicking Shirt

There are some specific qualities to look for when choosing the moisture-wicking shirt that best meets your needs, including:

Style – You can find moisture-wicking shirts in many different styles, from polo shirts and golf shirts to t-shirts and tank tops.

Fabric – Moisture-wicking shirts are made from various fabrics, including cotton, polyester, nylon, and spandex.

Size – You can find moisture-wicking shirts in both adult and children sizes. Choosing the correct size for durability and comfort when wearing the shirt during strenuous activity.

How Much Should You Spend on a Moisture Wicking Shirt?

When choosing your moisture-wicking t-shirt, it is essential to consider how much you are willing and able to spend. Generally, moisture-wicking t-shirts are more expensive than regular cotton t-shirts. You can find them for sale at department stores, sporting goods retailers, and online.

Whether you are looking for an undershirt or a moisture-wicking shirt to wear by itself during sports activities, it is essential to consider the specific qualities of the fabric.

Look for a shirt made from a moisture-wicking fabric that is not too thin or transparent. An undershirt or tank top made from a suitable material can help you stay cool and comfortable during strenuous exercise and activity.


There are many benefits to consider when looking for moisture-wicking t-shirts. Consider specific fabric qualities, including breathability, style, and size.

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